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History of Parga

From 1571 to April 15,1819, despite continuous tumult, Parga is not conquered and being afree city it prospers and evolves. The Ottomans, fearing the Pargians, fortified Margariti and built a solid fortress. Venieros - General of Venice - sent Paolo Orsino who conquers Margariti and destroys the fortress. During this period the greatest adventure of Parga happened in 1657, when Ottomans Imam Pasha and Beiko along with 4000 soldiers take possession of the mount Lithitsa and lay siege to Parga. The next year they endeavor again the siege with stronger forces - 6,000 soldiers and pickrnen - again unsuccess­fully.

On July 21 st, 1718, with the Pasarovitz treaty, Parga is put under the protection of the Venetians and becomes the refuge of all fugitive Greeks, as well as a supply center for the captains of the revolution. Lambros Katsonis, Boukouvalas and Androutsos found refuge here. This infuriates Ali Pasha who attempts with all possible means to conquer Parga, but he does not succeed, because the Pargians together with the Souliotes repei all his attacks.

In 1797 with the treaty of Campo Formio, France, as the ultimate power of the time, becomes the new protector of Parga.

Ali Pasha and 6,000 soldiers launch an attack against Parga, and the Pargians askforthe protection of the Russo-Turkish navy which is under the command of the Russian Admiral Ouzakof and the Turk Kandir Bey, and they raise theflags of their countries. The Russian Admiral sends a Russo-Turkish Guard which takes charge of the city's protection.

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