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History of Parga

Thus on the 21 st of March of 1401, a treaty is signed in Corfu between Baylo Azarino and a committee of citizens of Parga led by Protopappas loannis Vasilas; the treaty lasted for approximately 400 years and offered many benefits to the protected. It was ruled by a general assem­bly of Patricians and by a Governor-administrator who exercised both administrative and judicial author­ity through the support and the protection of the Venetians.

oldparga2_20071105123702During this period of 400 years the city is in constant tumult which never lasts for long. We will mention the following events:

In 1452, Hatzi Bey with 12,000 soldiers conquers Parga along with the Venetian possessions, despite attempts of Parga to resist. Two years later, the Venetians assisted by the Corfiots re-conquer it and raise the flag of St. Mark at the fortress. During the conflict between Venetians and Turks, in Parga operated a shipyard where were built ships for the Venetians. In 1475 a second attack by the Turks is repelled with the help of the Venetians and the Corfiots.

In 1500 Vayazit the Second attacks the Venetian possessions and takes as a prisoner the son of Yannis Mikegos, afisherman of Parga, who, the legend says, became the Vizier Ibrahim Pasha by marry­ing the sister of Suleiman the Magnificent.

In 1537 Harientin Barbarossa takes hold of Parga, tears down the fortress and leaves the city desolate. Later Parga is rebuilt with the help of the Venetians.

In 1571 the first admiral of the High Gate, All Pasha, lays siege to Parga, sets it on fire and tears down its fortress once again. In the same year afterthe naval battle of Nafpaktos, the Venetians conquer Parga, rebuild the fortress and the city and make it the most important port in Epirus, through which will pass all commercial transport of the region and of other Hellenic cities.

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