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History of Parga

Following the beheading of Ali Pasha in 1821, in the beginning of July, 250 Pargians with Captair Dimoulitsas, Desyllas and Tsoukos and Commander Riniassas Peraivos, assisted by 50 Souliote; disembarked at Pagonia, secretly ascended to Agia Eleni - Makrynoros - and early in the mornir entered into the city without encountering any resistance. The Turks laid siege to the city by land and t sea and would have slaughtered them, if 200 Souliotes with Captains Fotomaras, Zervas and Dagl hadn't launched a surprise attackallowing the others to escape to Corfu.

oldparga3_20071105123702The Maniates were moved by the desperate fight of the few Pargians. Kyriakoulis Mavromihalis ar approximately 800 warriors disembarked at Splantza in order to connect with the Souliotes and attac the Turks by the rear. In one of the attacks on the hill of Agia Eleni, Kyriakoulis was killed - June 1822 and the friendly and kind action of the Maniatesfailed.

In 1831 Resit Mehmet Pasha invited the Pargians back to their homeland, but only 100 familic-came back and so, he relocated ottoman families from the surrounding regions.

In 1847 Parga was sold to Resit Pasha and Refat Pasha and they leased the land at a high price I the Pargians.In 1913 Tselio Moulazimi - the Turkish Governor of Parga - delivers the city to Lieutenant Angelc Fetsis,onthe22March.In 1930 with the escort of the entire Hellenic Navy the holy relics, the bones of the ancestors and th flag of Parga are returned to the city from Corfu.

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